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Since the early 1950’s,         throughout the world has more than doubled.

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Even though he did not attend school until he was twelve,

Dr. Samuel C.C. Ting was ______________ the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1976.

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Gas particles move__________when the gas is hot than when it is cold.

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The different colors of_________ the different temperatures of the stars' surface.

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As a country develops from an agricultural to an industrial

economy, the attitudes, values, structures, and functions of the family_________ .

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Only a few sounds produced by insects are heard by humans _________ most of the sounds are pitched either too low or too high.

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The ordinary chair________ in countless shapes, sizes, styles, and materials.

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For 125 years after____________initial use at Harvard in 1642, the Bachelor of Arts degree was the only degree awarded by colleges in the United States.

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Since the Sun illuminates half the surface of the Moon, only half the surface _______ can be seen from the Earth.

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The novels of Constance Fenimore Woolson,__________, have special interest for their regional  settings.

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__________Oklahoma is important as a farming state, it is even more important for its rich oil deposits.

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No animal seems________on a diet of peat moss.

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The upper part in a harmonic arrangement ______by mixed voices is usually written for a soprano voice.

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The first school________the state of Washington was opened at old Fort Vancouver in 1832.

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Radio,______, developed from the theories and experiments of many people.

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While attempting to fly hers plane around the world in 1937, Amelia Earhart  mysteriously disappeared.


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Richard Wright’s Uncle Tom’s Children, a collection of short stories, were critical success when it appeared in 1938.


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The principle on which the boat called a hydrofoil is designed is identically to that demonstrated by an airplane wing moving through air.

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Migrating butterflies can travel long distant   over water.

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During a early period in the settlement of the western United States, pioneers claimed parts of the wilderness by marking trees to establish a boundary.

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All digital computers use binary, or two-valued, digits instead than decimal, or  ten-valued, digits to represent and store data.

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An ambassador serves as a nation’s highest-ranking diplomacy in another country

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Early adolescence is a developmental phase consisting of rapid changes in behavior, psychological, and hormones.

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Knowledge from the frontiers of research genetic will increasingly pose difficult  problems for policy makers and for society in general.



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Pictures called glass mosaics are made by setting small pieces of colors glass into fresh plaster.

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Approximately every nineteen month Venus and the Sun reach their greatest angular separation in the solar system.

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Anthropologists recently have found evidence that, centuries ago, Inuits used to entering their subterranean homes through tunnels, which helped keep the cold out and the heat in.


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The tree porcupine is found in wooded areas throughout most from  North America.

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Todate, only a small percentage of all glass manufactured in the United States is recycled, but markets for recycled glass that are growing steadily

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The oceans are the major source of the atmospheric moisture that is obtained through evaporator.

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Only those insects with high developed, multilensed eyes have good color vision

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The Earth’s atmosphere functions much like a giant greenhouse, admitting sunlight between outer space but preventing heat from escaping

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The almond tree which produces the oldest species of nut and is the most widely grown of all nut trees

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Fran Tannenbaum, a paleontology student doing summer fieldwork, found a completely seventy-five-million-year-old fossil egg near Chateau, Montana

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Fencing, originally developed as a sport in fourteenth century, was included in the first modern Olympic Games of 1896.

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Depth within ancient tombs, 3,000-year-old peanuts have been found alongside mummies

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Art Nouveau developed in the 1890’s when artists did a conscious effort to break with what they regarded as worn-out formulas of the past.

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The most widely cultivated all of fruit trees, the apple is second only to the grape in its importance as a temperate-zone fruit.


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Pawnbroking, or making loans to customers who pledge personal or household goods as security, is one of the oldest trade known.

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Of 1901 to 1914, acclaimed actor Douglas Fairbanks appeared on stage in a series of light comedies.

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