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The Arctic Circle …… through northern North America, Europe and Asia.

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Earth’s gravity pulls everything toward …… the Earth.

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The forces ….. earthquakes are the same ones that build mountains.

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Since the eighteenth century, ….. the major genre of literature in most literate societies.

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Under a microscope, ….. of a computer chip looks like a network of aluminum tracks.

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Dinosaurs became extinct 64 million years ….. first people ever appeared on Earth.

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Venus is almost the same size as the Earth, ….. mountain ranges are much higher.

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In concrete poetry the primary consideration is the way that ….. in the poem.

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Scientists are now only beginning to understand the factors ….. cigarette addictions.

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Agricultural ….. largely responsible for the unfolding of nutritional knowledge of vitamins and minerals early in the last century.

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Each summer the Roanoke Historical Association sponsors a play that shows ….. about the fate of the early colony.

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Agriculture requires a steady supply of water to keep the plants alive, so ….. in areas with a lot of rainfall.

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Even though ….. about $4,000 to fully train a hearing dog, these dogs are generally given without charge to qualified candidates.

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The reactor core of a nuclear reactor is housed in a steel vessel ….. by a thick layer of concrete.

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Kansas ….. at the geographical center of the United States.

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Polar winters are length, dark, and cold enough to kill  plants.

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The remains of very ancient wood have turn into coal.

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In 1893, Henry Ford built his first car engine in he home workshop in Detroit.

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Armies of laborers toiled for eight year to build the Erie Canal.

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Some of the stars in the closing stages of their lives becomes while dwarfs.

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The normally force of gravity at the Earth’s surface is called 1G.

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Edward McDowell is remember as the composer of such perennial favorites as “To a Wild Rose”.

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Because he is gravitationally bound to the Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy is currently approaching Earth.

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CAT scanners are used not only for detecting conditions but also for observation the effects of therapy.

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The chain of rider stations along the way were crucial to the success of the Pony Express.

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The functional relationship between the brain’s two hemispheres has been a major focus of much studies in neuropsychology.

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The Great Salt Lake is the remnant of a vast inland seas.

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A desire to eradicate irregular spellings in English can being traced back to the sixteenth century.

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Jade can actually refer to either the less valuable jadeite and the more common nephrite.

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The number of electrons in an atom match the number of charged particles, or protons.

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When someone take a depressant, the level of activity in the central nervous system is lowered.

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During their first attempts as a songwriter, George Gershwin diligently continued to study the piano, harmony, theory, and orchestration.

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Alexander Graham Bell was twenty-nine when him was granted a telephone patent in 1876.

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The world’s largest deposits of asbestos have be located in the Appalachian Mountains.

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A huge amount of immigrants passed through the Great Hall on Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954.

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The cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde were build in the thirteenth century by Native Americans who farmed the green plateau.

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The poet Wall Whitman were an easily recognized figure with his long, white beard and wide-brimmed hat.

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The sand dollars are a distinctive group of sea urchins that have adapt especially to lie on sandy shores.

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Someone who personifies the “American Dream” are Andrew Carnegie, who immigrated to the United States from Scotland without money and made millions in the steel industry.

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The Nez Perce lived peacefully with the trappers and traders who traveled theirs lands until the discovery of gold in 1860 brought miners and settlers into region.

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